For the Love of Wanderlust's Blue Ridge Parkway Guide - For the Love of Wanderlust

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a NPS-run road that connects Smoky Mountains National Park in NC to Shenandoah National Park in VA traveling 469 miles along some of the most stunning sites in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Unlike some of the other National Parks and Monuments, there is no fee to drive on this road and explore the sites around it, but be sure to check for road closures as many parts of the Parkway are closed from November – April. General Parkway Tips: Start In Virginia – This is probably my number 1 tip. I think there’s a reason that mile one is in Virginia because, in my opinion, I think the views from the Parkway in VA are much less impressive than North Carolina. The Parkway through Virginia is more driving on top of the mountains looking down on towns. However, in NC you’re among the mountains and have striking views of mountains, and definitely of nature, through the vast majority of the state’s portion. Don’t Miss Towns Off the Parkway – There are so many cozy mountain towns just off the parkway in both North Carolina and Virginia that will surprise you with tasty restaurants, unexpected sites and amazing people. […]