My Supreme Triple Homecoming Mum is approaching Big Ol Texas mum status while maintaining gorgeous wearability. It measures approximately 45" long X 13" wide at the flower and is worn around the neck with a comfortable, wide ribbon. * This mum includes: - FedEx Ground shipping - (3) 7.5" white silk flowers featuring a single bear wearing a bow. - (2) boas - (3) braids - HOMECOMING loops with block glitter lettering - flat name, team and grade ribbons with block glitter lettering - (6-8) plastic trinkets - cowbell ** To order: 1. Click add to cart 2. Choose Silver or Gold accent (this refers to the coloring on most plastic trinkets) 3. Fill in the personalization field with the requested information *** Introducing NO SURPRISES PRICING. All CTSW mums and garters are 100% custom, in that I make it when you order it to your personalized needs. Each listing that you see in my shop is a mum or garter that I designed for a previous client. What you see in that photo is what you get (made to YOUR color, team and personal specs, of course). And now, shipping is included in the price, so no surprises there, either. **** Shipping is via FedEx Ground. Within Texas, this is typically 1 to 2 business days but is not guaranteed. If you want guaranteed 2-day shipping, contact me to purchase a custom shipping listing. To see my other triple mums, click here OR send me a message to build your dream mum!