Life Skills Real World Math: Measuring Cups, Recipes and Cooking. Unit One

With this product, you will get a total of EIGHTEEN different measuring cup scenarios that replicate real world situations your students might find themselves in. I emphasized the use of a visual for each problem so students can reference that in real life as well. $ Gr 2-12 | Life Skills | Special Education #presentationskills


The unschooled version of a seventh-grade-ish curriculum plan for 2012-13 - Unschool RULES

We don't do grade levels. We don't do textbooks. Here's our radical unschooling 7th grade-ish plan, heavy on travel, movies, books and fun.


Geometry and Measurement | Distance Learning | Google Classroom

Bring real world relevance to your geometry and measurement unit with these picture task cards! Perfect for showing geometry and measurement concepts in real life.


Restaurant Menu Project Based Learning PBL

When students design and create their own restaurants, they love real world math projects and writing activities. Made for kids in elementary, middle school, 3rd grade, 4th grad, and for 5th grade, students love using their ideas to design and plan a restaurant. They use project based learning to create a menu, solve word problems, design a floor plan, and so much more! Examples and templates make your lesson plans simple to write! #projectbasedlearning #iteachmiddleschool


Connecting to math in real life - list of sites for offline and online activities


Real-World Math

Real-World Math


Thanksgiving Math Project

Thanksgiving Math Project is a real world learning task. This Math activity requires students to read in the content area (local grocery flyers) to plan and decide on the meals for Thanksgiving Day. Student are required to make healthy choices for their meals and apply their math skills to calculate the cost (and unit costs) of these meals within a specific budget.


What kind of parents that possible and impossible to homeschool their children? Before you become homeschooling parents, think about your possibility.


Digital Math Project for Distance Learning | Theme Park Project Based Learning

This math enrichment project is full of fun & real life challenges to engage and enrich your 2nd & 3rd grade fast finishers. This real life math project lets students create a theme park (amusement park)! It's a perfect way to review common core standards at the end of the year, or to give to early finishers and students who need a challenge. These problem solving activities are so fun & your students will love this real world math project! PBL, project based learning, end of year project


Division in the Real World - Surfing to Success

How will I use this in real life? I asked that question all the time in school. This activity gives the students a chance to see how important division can be. What do we all wish would happen in the real world? Finding a pile of money, of course! I gave my students a pile …


Multiplying Fractions Project | Distance Learning

No prep real world fractions project and classroom transformation! In this project, students build a dog house while practicing their skills at multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. See how multiplying fractions can go from classroom to real world with these math projects for 5.NF.4, 5.NF.5, and 5.NF.6.


Math is Everywhere (A First-Week Math Project for Upper Grades)

I am always on the lookout for some new first-week activities to do with my 6th grade math students. In addition to "get to know you" activities, I like to find projects that are fun, math-related, and motivating for students during those first few weeks. One of these projects that I have always done during the first week of school (but you could really do any time of the year) is my Math is Everywhere tile activity. Before the year starts, I buy some white card stock (or white-ish...this year I got some silver/metallic card stock). I then cut them into square tiles. This year I cut them into tiles with 5 inch sides, but I think I have done 6x6 in past years. Whatever works for you! I use a corner rounder from Target to round of the corners of the tiles. Here are the tiles and the start of my example tile that I created to show my students. For the project, students must think of a place that they see or use math in the real world. I usually brainstorm a list as a class, and then students can either use one from the list or think of their own topic! Once they choose a topic, they use a tile, pencil, ruler, and colored pencils to show how they see math in their topic. Being the baseball fan that I am, I chose to make my Math is Everywhere tile about how we see and use math in baseball. Below is my finished example tile! *Tip: Many of my students who choose a sport want to know the dimensions of the court, field, etc. Last year, I printed out sheets that had the dimensions to save the time and hassle of students looking them up! Once the students are finished creating their tile, there is one more step. On the back of the tile, they must write at least three sentences describing what they chose and how math is seen in their topic. Here is the example that I wrote for baseball. Finally, once all of the tiles are finished and turned in (don't forget names!), I put them all up on my bulletin board. I cut out the words "Math is Everywhere" and staple them in the middle of the board, surrounding it with all of the finished tiles! Here is a shot of this year's tiles! I have a few more still to add, but it's already starting to come together! Update: I posted the "Math is Everywhere" bulletin board letters for free in my TpT store. Be sure to grab them at the following link! Also included in the resource are letters that say "Welcome to 6th Grade" that I use for my hallway bulletin board. Link to Bulletin Board Letters For more ideas about setting up the middle school math classroom, be sure to check out my post titled 6 Ideas for Setting Up the Middle School Math Classroom. I am excited to link up this post with Miss Math Dork's awesome monthly Math IS Real Life link up! Click the link or picture to see some other great ways we see math in the real world!


Real World Math Task Cards

27 Real World Math Problem Task CardsMaths is all around children at home, at school, in the park, on holiday, everywhere! They just dont always see it!These Real World Maths activity cards show children where maths is hiding in everyday places and encour


Consumer Math Interactive Notes Pages

Consumer Math interactive notebook pages to teach: gross and net pay, paycheck deductions, pay schedules, pay conversions (ex: between hourly and annual pay), percentages and net pay estimating. This set of pages also works great to teach decimals and percentages in real-world contexts.


Love this website for real world videos that use math. The Father of the Bride clip is always one of my favorites to use in the classroom.


Mean, Median, Mode, Range Task Cards for teaching Mean Median and Mode Skills!

A set of 36 Mean, Median, Mode, and Range task cards including an answer key and recording sheet! You can use these task cards for a pre-test, post-test, concept review, SCOOT!, math centers, test prep, or for early finishers in math. These task cards require students to not only find the Mean, Median, Mode, and Range of sets of data, but also to explain their thinking and to consider how these skills will be used in the real world. $



Adding and Subtracting Decimals Math Project | Distance Learning

**COMPLETELY Updated 2/11/15** Your students are going to love shopping at The Math Market as they practicing adding, subtracting, and rounding decimals! This 14-page packet includes many engaging and authentic activities as well as and an authentic assessment that reinforce real-world concepts of rounding, adding, subtracting, and estimating sums and differences of decimals and whole numbers.


VOLUME in the Real World Worksheet with Answer KEY

TERRIFIC VOLUME-in-the-Real-World-Worksheet uses Real-World examples of objects that students will have prior knowledge with. Great for ELL's. Cute graphics and organized! GREAT to take a grade over students' understanding of calculating volume by using the formula V=lwh. ANSWER KEY INCLUDED!!! You'll LOVE this Volume Practice worksheet, and use it year after year!


At Home Learning Math Project | Plan a Camping Trip Project Based Learning

PBL Math Activities for Distance Learning, At Home Learning, & Coronavirus PacketsThis camping theme project will have your students practicing real-world math applications while having a BLAST! It's also perfect for an end of the year camping week and math review. This project based learning ta...


Math Project Linear Equations Open-Ended Real World Application

Algebra that FunctionsLinear Equations Open-Ended Real World Application Math Project (Previously Titled End of the Year Activity: Math Project Linear Equations Real World Application) This open-ended project is a great way for your students to demonstrate their understanding of linear equations.


Quick and Easy Math Lesson Ideas

Homeschool Math in the Kitchen Text Graphic data-pin-description=Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially during the holidays! Bring your children into the kitchen with you and review some real-life math concepts in a fun and unique way! Check out these 10+ Lesson Ideas that will have you cooking, baking, and calculating in no time. #homeschool #mathlesson #holidaybaking #motherscanteach


Graphing Systems of Linear Equations Project, Planning a City

Students love planning their own cities! This was a great way to wrap up our systems of linear equations unit with a fun project. Creativity and real world connections. Great for end of the year in 8th grade math or Algebra 1.


Bundle - Real Life Math Projects

Math is best learned in real life situations. This is a collection of 7 different math projects which put students into the real life situations and asks them to use their math. Each math project includes built in grading rubric to give students guidance and feedback.


STEM Everywhere: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in the Real World

Explore STEM education in settings beyond the classroom walls, and see how opportunities to learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all around us.


What kind of parents that possible and impossible to homeschool their children? Before you become homeschooling parents, think about your possibility.


Carnival Math Freebie { Real Life Math } - Teaching with Jennifer Findley

While at the carnival, I found there were many opportunities for Real Life Math. I have chosen one to share with you.


11 Activities to Make Unit Rate Stick

Check out all 10 unit rate activity ideas math students will absolutely love! Includes unit rate activity ideas, games, print and go resources, and graphic organizers.



A real world project comparing different growth rates of trees. Students analyze linear systems of equations and graph the results.