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This post was sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. While I was compensated, all opinions—as always!—are my own. 1/26/15 UPDATE: Hey guys! At the time I wrote this post, I had been testing out the sneaker for about a month and, as I mentioned, hadn’t had any trouble with my achilles tendonitis flaring up. Well …


20 Standing Core Exercises | Redefining Strength

Try these 20 Standing Core Exercises for a great core workout that you don't have to get down on the ground to do!


Core Workout at Home

Core workouts are great to do after your weightlifting workout. Daily workouts to fit your schedule and needs at the Daily Shape Up Membership only $10.99with monthly recipes, challenges and more


As you might know by now, I have quite the love affair with the Lorna Jane brand. There is something about the vibrant colors, inspiring slogans, oh and stellar quality, that made me fall for their fitness gear! Lucky for me, this brand-crush has developed into a great relationship with Lorna Jane and I am thrilled that I've been invited to participate in this year's Active Nation Day! Check out the details below and join me on Sunday in Santa Monica for the fun! Oh! Scroll down to see an awesome "Workout Wednesday" routine from LA's Hottest Trainer (and a role model of mine) Christine Bullock! I know what you might be thinking.... There are still a few spots left in Santa Monica, sign up here! Download the Lorna Jane App here! Learn the LJ Move here: Join me this Sunday for an amazing workout with some pretty awesome perks! Can't wait to see you there! Workout Wednesday with Christine Bullock: Pin It


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You don’t always need a gym or the latest equipment to have an effective workout. I first started...


10-Minute Standing Barre Core Workout

10-Minute Standing Barre Core Workout - YouTube


10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout Video

Our streaming online videos bring exercise, cooking, and healthy living to life!


15-Minute Chest & Core Workout

A workout that tones your chest and also helps define your midsection in the process! Um ... yes please! This 15-Minute Chest & Core Workout was designed to create not only greater strength gains but also improved functional fitness. Your chest muscles help push and lift the weights while your entire core works to counteract these moving forces!


Body weight workout...

Killer core workout. No equipment needed for this advanced ab workout. Great for men and women who workout at home all you need is a wall. #core #absworkout #exercisefitness #exercise #fitness


Core workout with chair home exercises girls workout

Core workout with chair home exercises girls workout


Get Healthy U | Chris Freytag

These are some of my favorite moves for toned flat abs! What are you waiting for?


6 Ab Exercises You're Not Doing (But Totally Should Be)

Mixing up your workouts is one of the best ways to stay motivated, so here are six ab exercises you've probably never heard of to keep things interesting.


An easy way to build a stronger core in the comfort of your own home.


Top 10 Exercises To Challenge, Tighten & Strengthen Your Core

Top 10 exercises to challenge, tighten and strengthen your core! Your core includes several muscle groups that are located on your stomach, back and butt. These muscles work as a team to support your pelvis and spine, keep your back safe and improve your posture. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, having a strong, tight core also enables you to perform exercises with better form and helps you work all other muscle groups more effectively. If you want to challenge your core and improve strength, stability, and posture, add these 10 exercises to your workout routine.


Six Pack Attack

via Crunch


Get those strong and sexy abs with these 8 must-try medicine ball exercises. Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to work that core ladies (and gents)! These medicine ball core exercises will tone every muscle in your body, giving you the best workout!


mens core workout


13 Printable No-Equipment, At-Home Workouts to Try Now

The printable bodyweight workouts you need to pin (and try!) ASAP.


Pregnancy Safe Ab Workout - 6 Exercises for a Strong Core

This pregnancy safe ab workout is designed to keep your core strong and help you through labor and delivery and onto your postpartum journey!


Kettlebell Core #Workout: my custom printable workout by WorkoutLabs #workoutlabs #customworkout #kettlebelltraining


The Ultimate Core Workout Guide

Whether it’s keeping you looking great or helping you maintain your balance, core strength is incredibly important for allowing you to feel your best. Keeping your core in its best shape is easy, especially when you have the right tools in-hand. Enter the URBNFit Core Slider - a simple tool to up your total body and core workout game. Why choose the Core Slider? The Core Slider introduces unique movements that require stability and range of motion with added resistance, in a form that is hard to replicate with other workout equipment....


Core Exercises For Runners: The ABC's Of Core Training For Runners

Core Exercises For Runners: The ABC's Of Core Training For Runners - #coreexercisesforrunners #coreworkoutsforrunners #slimmerfitterstronger.



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Fat Burning Stomach Exercises for a Flat Toned Tummy

STOMACH EXERCISES FOR WOMEN Today I'm sharing a fun core workout that helps flatten, tone, and tighten the stomach. The exercises in this workout target the main core muscles and helps slim down the stomach quickly. I recently got a nasty case of e Coli and salmonella. My stomach was uncomfortably bloated for weeks and couldn't wait to exercise my abs. I had to take antibiotics for 2 weeks, which didn't help anything... It is not fun feeling frumpy and bloated. Literally how I felt The exercises I'm sharing today are the first moves I did to flatten out


Lower Ab Workout If you're looking for a lower ab workout, you're in the right place! A few weeks ago I started making a series of training videos dedicated to creating workouts that trouble women the most. It's no surprise to me that requests for lower ab workouts starting popping up in the comments and emails. Lots and lots of ladies wanted a workout for their lower abs. Some asked for exercises specifically for their lower abs because crunches aren't cutting it. Some straight up wanted to know 'How can I lose my pooch?' And that's exactly what I'm going


ACE - Certified™: March 2017 - The Latest Tools of the Trade: The Terra Core

ACE - Certified: March 2017 - The Latest Tools of the Trade: The Terra Core


Core · WorkoutLabs Fit

Core: my custom printable workout by @WorkoutLabs #workoutlabs #customworkout


10-Move At-Home Core Workout | Fitness | MyFitnessPal

These are 10 challenging core exercises you can do at home.


Core Exercises For Women | Abs And Obliques Workout

Work your abs and obliques with these core exercises for women. A 30-minute waist cinching workout that will activate your obliques and define the waistline! Start the timer and enjoy your workout.